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Help SaaS Founders 💛

"At Userlist, we were brainstorming a way to help fellow founders with the resources we have. Both myself and my co-founder Benedikt are podcasters. That’s how the idea for Help Founders was born. As podcasters, we possess a treasure accumulated over years of work — our audiences."

Great opportunity for some bootstrapped businesses to get some real exposure.

Some Covid-19 relief articles from this week:

Deutschschweiz: Kantone helfen den Startups - reading time 7 minutes

"Kantonales Massnahmenpaket für stark betroffene Unternehmen und Selbständige: 300 Mio. Franken für Nothilfe und Ergänzung der Kreditausfallgarantieren des Bundes für KMU. Die Freigabe der Mittel soll noch am 15. April 2020 bewilligt werden."

Suisse romande: Les cantons soutiennent les startups - reading time 6 minutes

"Le Conseil d’État du Canton de Fribourg octroie 50 millions de francs pour garantir des prêts bancaires aux opérateurs économiques. Des prêts allant jusqu’à CHF 50’000 aux entreprises peuvent également être garantis."

The 411: The Payment Protection Program for Startups, Independent Contractors, and Self-Employed!

"Small businesses (that includes startups, independent contractors, and self-employed folks!!) have been given a $349 billion program here in the U.S. that's called The Paycheck Protection Program or PPP — it's part of that larger $2 trillion dollar economic-stimulus plan approved by Congress."


Matt Wensing 🐙 on Twitter - on targeting enterprise

For many B2B SaaS co’s, a customer willing to pay 10x your current pricing is browsing your site, and they will inevitably reach out to you. What do you do when this whale breaches next to your rowboat?


New Financial Report Coming to App Store Connect

"Starting April 2020, you can get more details on the final proceeds of your apps and in-app purchases, including the transaction and settlement dates for purchases, as well as the state or province for transactions in the United States and Canada."

We’re here for you

"With economic pressures being felt far and wide, we’ve pulled together some resources that we hope can help you and your businesses adapt to this new environment."


"For any business, there are three core financial statements – the income or P&L statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement. While these statements can show investors and the board how the business is doing, they can do more than just keep score on your business – they are one of the best tools you have to run it, especially in times of crisis."