I'm building a New Year's weekend project here to take Ghost on a whirl, stay tuned. It's my show up every day project. I plan to work on this every day until the end of 2020.

Edit 7.1.2020:

It took a little longer to release than anticipated, but I'm happy with my first version.

I expect to improve things significantly in the next few weeks and months. At the time of writing the email-related DNS are still not ready and I need to do some few more theme tweaks to support this first basic use case.

More specifically, this is a project I expect to work on every day for this year in some form, with the goal to release one random (or not so random) change every month.

P.s. Find me on Twitter at @s2imon. I work at a startup you might know that helps you make your life easier surrounding online compliance, and if you don't know it yet, you should check iubenda out.

Edit 8.1.2020:

The DNS are all ready and the basic functions are in place. The first newsletter went out this early morning CET.

Edit 30.1.2020:

Here's issue #4 of the newsletter. My favourite so far:

Newsletter Week 4
Lets do a deep-dive to start this week off: Don’t miss -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Wensing, maker of Summit [https://usesummit.com/] tweeted about one of the relevant health metrics for a SaaS company: cohort survival curves. The metric de…