StaticKit Stripe integration


Updates to Universal Purchase and App Store Categories

Apple unifies the categories across the App Stores (iOS, MacOS) introduces universal purchase: "Starting in March 2020, you’ll be able to distribute iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS versions of your app as a universal purchase, allowing customers to enjoy your app and in‑app purchases across platforms by purchasing only once."

Offer Custom Apps on Apple School Manager

Additionally, you can now offer apps privately to institutions that have been customized exclusively for their consumption:  "You can now meet the unique needs of educational institutions by privately offering apps you’ve customized just for them."

Debt is Coming - reading time 16 minutes

"Ten years from now, what seismic change will we reflect back on and think, “well that was pretty obvious, in retrospect”? Debt is going to finally come to the tech industry."

Front Series C Deck - reading time 4 minutes

"Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend… I’m once again making public the deck I used to raise our latest round of funding!"

How to find an effective pricing strategy - reading time 8 minutes

IndieHackers collected some ideas on creating an effective pricing strategy. "To understand the pricing, you need to understand the model."

How I Built a Markdown Editor Earning $1300/mo Profit — Inkdrop - reading time 9 minutes

"Here I’m going to share my experience on creating a multi-platform app called Inkdrop alone and making it earn $1,300 per month. I made this app while I’m working as a freelancer in Tokyo."

Open Startups

Transparent Revenue

Buffer has refreshed its famously open revenue dashboard: "Transparency is one of the core values that guide our work at Buffer. See our latest revenue and customer numbers, pulled straight from the source." Read more about the reasoning and what's new over all on the Buffer blog.


Derrick Reimer on Twitter - on having launched payments for StaticKit

Payments are officially in early access!

What it does: Accept payments without writing a line of backend code. It's a Stripe integration that allows you to design custom flows for one-time and recurring payments, hosted directly on your website. Most importantly this allows you to write zero backend code, while users don't leave your site for a second for the payment.

Rachel Binx on Twitter - on beluga

announcing !!!!!! open-source software to create your own ecommerce site! built with React + Node.

Here's what beluga does for you, directly taken from the landing page:

🐋beluga will be your jam if:

  • 🎁you want to sell products online
  • 🎨you want full control over the look and feel of your store
  • 💰you want to save money by hosting your own site
  • 💻you are comfortable working with React + Node.js

❌you'd be better off with an ecommerce platform if:

  • 🖍you don't want to write code to create your store
    at a minimum, you will need to write JSX to create your landing page
  • 🙇you want customer support while setting up your store
    beluga is open-source software! not a paid service :)


Jeff Chang📈 on Twitter - on subscription models

Subscription models are taking over the world. Companies have realized that it's often the more superior and sustainable business model verses trying to acquire the same customer over and over again. The latest cool application of subscriptions is Rolling Venture Funds by AL

Jeff Chang is making the connection between subscription models taking the world by storm and the recent introduction of Angellist's Rolling Venture Fund.

a.k.a. Zrzka on Twitter - on the Perpetual Fallback License

The only subscription model I can live with is the JetBrains Perpetual Fallback License.

On the other hand, subscription fatigue is real. Check out what the Perpetual Fallback License offered by Jetbrains looks like.

Alfred Lua 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️ on Twitter - on marketing SaaS like ecommerce

What if SaaS marketers take a page out of ecommerce marketers' book? Let's reimagine @buffer's marketing through the lens of an ecommerce marketer

Alfred Lua suggests in this Twitter thread, that SaaS marketers could take a page out of the ecommerce marketing book.


Product Pricing with Adam Wathan - listening time 1h and 8 minutes

This episode starts on documentation (in the general sense) and then ends with a long discussion on pricing for Tailwind CSS.

The Beta Releases that Will Change the App Economy - listening time 39:41

"This week, Federico and John discuss the updates to Apple’s OSes and developer tools, the changes to the app economy they signal, and the impact they’ll have on users and developers." - a discussion on the consequences of the features recently announced by Apple.

The Truth about 1000 True Fans + Pricing of Our Attention - listening time 15:32

A history on the famous 1000 true fans philosophy: "The idea of "1000 true fans" argued that to be a successful creator, you don’t need millions of customers or clients, as long as you also have a direct relationship with those fans. But how is media changing today as a result, and what nuances do people often miss about the concept? And why are we apparently surrendering our attention (whether to TV, books, or whatever) for only $3 an hour?!"