How I did a Twitter giveaway, got 10K+ new followers and discovered you can hack most Twitter giveaways to win them - reading time 6 minutes

"It was almost New Year's Eve and I wanted to something special on Twitter. I had 69,800 followers and because I admittedly am an imperfect and superficial human addicted to vanity metrics, I wanted to get to 70,000 followers before midnight and it becoming 2020."

The New American Dream - reading time 9 minutes

"The Internet will catalyze an explosion of American entrepreneurship, driven by social, technological, and theoretical factors."

Sahil's Second Act - reading time 9 minutes

"Sahil Lavingia is enjoying his second act. (Mostly.) Back in 2011, when he was employee #2 at Pinterest, he had an idea for “a sort of link shortener with a payment system built-in.” So he hacked it together over the weekend and launched on Hacker News that Monday. He called it Gumroad."

100 tried and tested, actionable ways to get your first 100 users

A board with ideas to reach your 100 first customers.


DHH on Twitter

Getting Real, the first book @jasonfried and I wrote together, is now available online as HTML: linkable, shareable, enjoyable. 14 years old, still timely. The manual on how we built Basecamp

The classic on the indie web: Getting Real is now free to read.

Shpigford on Twitter (@Shpigford)

1/ Fun milestone: @Baremetrics had its first fully-profitable year in 2019! $151k in profit on $1.38m in revenue. - Tweet 1

Josh Pigford of Baremetrics shares some data points behind the growth of the company. Not surprisingly, payroll and servers/infrastructure are the biggest expense:

2/ The very large majority of our expenses are wrapped up in payroll (nearly $900k). All other overhead was, more or less, negligible. - Tweet 2
3/ We spent $184k on servers/infrastructure. Majority of that going to Packet for bare metal servers. - Tweet 3

More of the bigger costs were further spent on the team as you'll find in tweets 5 and 8 (bonus). More interesting is the formula used to calculate said bonus:

Right now it's very utilitarian.  employee_bonus = total_bonus_pool_dollar_amount / total_team_days_worked * total_employee_days_worked  So, the longer you've worked here, the larger % of the pool you get. - Tweet 4

On to venture funded information, where Rick Yang shares some learnings regarding what led to Plaid's success (they were acquired by Visa):

@rickyang on Twitter

🎉 Congrats to @Plaid—to be acquired by @Visa! @NEA has had the privilege of partnering with @williamhockey, @zachperret & team at the seed🌱stage w/ just 3 people and a dog🐶 In trying to share the magic 🧙‍♂️with other founders, here are 7 learnings that led to Plaid's success👇 - Tweet 1

I'll let you read the thread in its original but I want to kick it off with lesson number 1:

1⃣ Define a clear mission and let it guide everything. 🧭
For @Plaid, the mission was to make money easier. 💰 They did this by focusing on the infrastructure layer, and their unwavering belief in the mission fuels every action and decision - Tweet 2


3 Commonalities of Million Dollar Subscription Apps - listening time 7 minutes

Dozens of apps generating over a million dollars a year were analyzed to see what commonalities they have.