An inspirational monthly revenue graph from IndieHackers (Wavve)


23 rules to run a software startup with minimum hassle - reading time 16 minutes

"Over the last 5 years of bootstrapping, I’ve tried a lot of things, and discovered there are many ways to create hassle for yourself that wastes time and energy and distracts you from building value in your business. This is my second post on lessons learned from bootstrapping;"

The Oldest Company in Almost Every Country (That is Still in Business) - reading time 5 minutes

"To survive in the big bad world of business, you need staying power. We wanted to know which businesses around the world have stood the test of time and were the oldest in their respective countries."

nomadlist pricing analysis

"I'm curious about nomadlist pricing strategy. I looked into the open stats at and it's easy to see that from May 18' until beginning of 2019 the revenue went down by more than 50%."

Some interesting insights on Nomadlist pricing strategy, weighed in on by its creator Pieter Levels.


Robin Vander Heyden on Twitter - on Wavve

Super inspiring SaaS from IndieHackers.  Took them 1 year to get to $10k/month in revenue, and now they're doing $74k/month.

Never forget that success can look very flat in the beginning for a very long time (here 1 year).

Matt Wensing 🐙 on Twitter - on charting via Summit

Let's finish the week with a pretty chart? Revenue-based financing of $100k over 3 years. Investor return (green bar = repayments) varies from $103k-$139k depending on how the startup performs. Net income in purple.

More charts to learn from as it's seen through the Summit lense.

Adam Wathan on Twitter - on Stripe and fees

Stripe looking more and more like PayPal every day The international payments one is brutal for Canadian entrepreneurs running businesses with lots of US customers

Fees are a thing and apparently there's at least a possible workaround, to charge in local currency and credit card fees (then use TransferWise to exchange to your local currency). You will save 5% to 8% between international card fees and exchange rate.


Episode 12: Starting a Profitable Business in Six Weeks with Courtland Allen - watch time 38:45

Excerpt: In the beginning, I talk with Courtland about his journey to create the indie hacker community. I actually thought he created it right after graduating from college. But that’s far from what happened. For many years, Courtland started all kinds of businesses with varying degrees of success.

How Reilly Chase Built The HostiFi SaaS Platform That Manages Over 40,000 Ubiquiti / UniFi Devices - watch time 28:00

What the title says ;)