What if you could turn monthly subscribers into annual subscribers (demoed on Summit)?


Freemium vs. Free Trial (why not both?) - reading time 3 minutes

"Almost two years ago, I wrote about freemium B2B in the software world. As someone who worked for B2B software companies who used this strategy to sell into the enterprise, I thought it was the future of selling software."

How to brainstorm great business ideas - reading time 11 minutes

"It's been said that ideas don't matter, execution does. I wholeheartedly  disagree. You need both to succeed, but you can only get so good at  execution. A great idea gives you much more leverage." - IndieHackers' own Courtland Allend on brainstorming.

This Week #15: When should a SaaS startup raise money💰 - reading time 3 minutes

"Every successful business goes through roughly three stages:

  1. Search for product/market fit
  2. Growth <— Best to raise money here
  3. Maturity"

YC's Series A Guide

"When we started spending more time thinking about Series A's, we didn’t know very much about how they happened. More than 2 years, 190 Series A's, and over $2B of capital raised later, we now know quite a bit."

Since Lenny Rachitsky wrote about when a SaaS should raise money, it seemed only fitting that YC published their Series A Guide for me to cover in this week's Make+Money issue.


Adam Wathan on Twitter - on how Tailwind CSS got started

First time I tweeted about open-sourcing what eventually became @tailwindcss
...  I never could have predicted that 2.5 years later I'd be running a business around it and working on it full-time. Crazy!

Spoiler: the project he had worked on back then has long been surpassed by the tool he built to support it. One more reminder for just getting started on something.

Joel Gascoigne on Twitter - on how Buffer compares to Converkit

Here are @Buffer's profit sharing numbers for comparison alongside @ConvertKit(who are very inspiring for us!)

A couple of interesting differences:

We distribute annually rather than twice annually

We have a larger team relative to ARR (we're at $22m)

See the rest of the few tweets, to find more about the two companies and how they run their profit sharing programs.

Open startups

$1,000 MRR: Harder Than I Expected - reading time 9 minutes

"Some of you might know my story, but I’m the founder of Starter Story. Over the past year, I’ve been working on a product called Pigeon. Anyways, Pigeon just hit $1K MRR, and for me, it’s been a pretty crazy and unexpected journey, and I learned a lot."


Transferwise Zapier Integration

The linked resource has a link that lets you beta test the Zapier Transferwise integration. The following actions are currently available:

1. 'Create a quote' - input the amount you want to send/be received and the currency pair. TransferWise  will return a quote ID and the transfer amount required (as well as  detailing the fee).

2. 'Create a recipient account' - you need to create a recipient for each transfer. If a recipient with the same  details already exists, TransferWise will return that record (currently supports GBP, USD, EUR,  and a range of other European/western currencies).

3. 'Create a transfer'

4. 'Fund a transfer'

Pipe, A B2B SaaS Financing Platform, Raises $6M From Craft Ventures To Help Growing Startups Avoid Dilution

New tool for the SaaS toolkit that helps you turn MRR into ARR (and as Matt Wensing of Summit commented, simulating the impact on Summit comes for free).

Stripe improves ML engine to automatically optimize the bitfields of card network requests

Patrick Collison of Stripe expects the changes to have incremental effects to the tune of $2.5B of revenue for Stripe businesses this year alone.