Covid-19 and its impact as measured and visualized by Within

I apologise for the infrequent publishing in the recent weeks, Covid-19 has had its impact during this time and will also - unsurprisingly - have its place inside this issue (also, an issue with Mailgun hadn't allowed me to send out the update to subscribers). Onward with a longer than usual update.


COVID-19 Retail Pulse

"Within is monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on ecommerce. Using data from a sampling of clients, we are tracking year-over-year trends in ecommerce revenue, ad spend, and conversion rate relative to the pre-COVID benchmark period."

Interesting charts that illustrate who is affected by the current crisis and who isn't.

The Startup Corona Handbook - reading time 7 minutes

"This is a list of public coronavirus // Covid-19 resources, analyses and events from startups for startups."

Geared towards German startups, but still interesting.

Is it wrong to profit during Corona? - reading time 1 minute

"Let me repeat. The most selfish thing you could do as a business owner is to feel bad for serving and finding new clients that need you. Do not go out of business because you stopped marketing and selling! The economy suffers, you suffer and your clients suffer."

The Real-Time Impact COVID-19 is Having on Small Businesses and Workers - reading time 4 minutes

"The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a devastating impact on small businesses and hourly workers whose hours, shifts, and operations are coming to a full stop. The COVID-19 crisis will come to an end."

Insights put together with internal data by Homebase (a scheduling and timetracking tool) from more than 60,000 small business customers in the US. The impact is devastating.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Your Subscription Metrics? - reading time 6 minutes

"Are you responsible for getting subscription metrics like MRR right? At ChartMogul, we auto-generate subscriptions and metrics from invoices and transactions — we believe this gives you the most trustworthy picture of where your business stands at the moment. I want to tell you why."

Connecting Gumroad to Auth0 for paywalled JAMStack apps - reading time 5 minutes

"Lots of folks were curious how I connect Gummroad and Auth0 on my custom course platform so here’s a short tutorial. The same approach works if you swap Gumroad out for Stripe ✌️"

Here’s the tl;dr:

  • User visits your JAMStack app (Gatsby for me)
  • User clicks Buy Button
  • Gumroad checkout pops up
  • User purchases
  • Gumroad calls a webhook
  • AWS Lambda wakes up, creates account on Auth0
  • User is redirected back to JAMStack
  • User can now login


App Subscriptions Revisited - listening time 49:37

"This week, Federico and John revisit the topic of app subscriptions and what they’ve learned in the nearly three years since they covered subscriptions in episode 5."


Michael Mignano on Twitter - on ideas for WFH

"What are some things people can do at home/online to make money instead of their normal, in-person, hourly-paying jobs that don’t translate to WFH? Friend of my is in this situation and wants to find a way to quickly transition so they can pay rent."

Just some ideas to WFH.


Coding an Annual SaaS Subscription - watch time 11:52

Watch Ben Awad code an annual subscription to Saffron - a SaaS he's working on.

Gumroad walkthrough with Daniel Vassallo - watch time 57:19

Watch Sahil Lavingia walk through most of Gumroad with the help of a successful Gumroad creator.


The App Store is Expanding to New Countries

"Thanks to the creativity and innovation of developers like you, the App Store has become much more than the world’s safest marketplace. It’s grown into a vibrant platform with great apps that influence culture and change lives, with over half a billion visitors each week."

New countries coming to he App Store!

Universal Purchase for Mac Apps Now Available

"The macOS version of your app can now be included in a universal purchase, allowing customers to enjoy your app and in‑app purchases across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS by purchasing only once."